9 thoughts on “Regal Assets Affiliate Sign Up – Earn Huge Commissions Giving Away Free Kit!

  1. Hi Jeroen Waning,

    Great blog man! I need some help getting approve with Regal Assets Affiliate Program. I’ve filled out the application I know about 3 times. I’m not ready to purchase Gold I just want to promote it.

    What is the next step ?



    • Hey Dewey,

      Thanks for your compliment! It does take a few days to get a response from them, but it has also just been the new year, holidays etc. If you’ve waited for more than a week already and still haven’t heard anything, I’ve got a little secret I’m going to email you ;)

      Check your email :)

  2. Hi Jeroen,

    I need some help getting approved for Regal Assets Affiliate
    Program. I don’t have a website but I filled out the application
    about 3 or 4 times.

    And I never heard from them.

    Is there anything you can suggest to get approved?

    Thank you,

    • Having a website would be a basic requirement, but have you made any sales in affiliate marketing or CPA before? You can put that in the comments sections of the application. Regal Assets is an exclusive affiliate program for advanced marketers only. If you have any affiliate campaigns on FB, YouTube, or anywhere else, include that in the application.

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