My Favorite SEO Tools/Strategies: Quality Link Building With Efficiency

Let me just jump right to the point. When it comes to SEO, you can never stress enough the importance of keyword research. Yes, I know you’ve heard it before, but the thing is, keyword research is so critically important, it could be the 80% of your SEO campaign that leads to top Google rankings. We’re not talking about your standard keyword research with just using the Google AdWords Keyword tool (or even Market Samurai, etc) here…

Anyways, I wanted to write this post about some of my favorite quality link building strategies and SEO ranking tools outside of the keyword research process. So, if you’d like to read more about the 80% Law of SEO (keyword/niche domination without backlinks or content), check out my other post.

Link Building Strategies and SEO Tools

Automated Article Submission Software

Firstly, one of the most powerful automation tools I personally use for getting quality, contextual backlinks on a consistent basis is the Unique Article Wizard (UAW). It is highly intelligent software that allows me to write just three articles, input them into the server-based software, and have it produce hundreds of unique, quality articles (with contextual, anchor text backlinks) that are submitted to relevant directories.

It is so advanced that it actually allows you to create complete author profiles for pseudonyms that even tie into different social accounts. This means that you can create various pseudonyms that will appear as if they are real authors writing these articles for you and submitting them to directories for quality backlinks. If you’d like to read more about it, check out my other site.

High PageRank Profile Links

Another way to get ultra powerful anchor text backlinks is to create profiles on high PageRank domains. In these profiles, you have fields where you can place a link to your website. Sometimes these profile sites even have multiple website fields, or they have fields to link to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ page, etc.

Even if there isn’t a website field, many of the “About” or “Author Bio” fields allow html. This means you can input links with whatever anchor text you like. If you would like to learn more about how to appropriately create these high PR anchor text backlinks and where to do so, check out this post. You’ll have access to over 250 profile sites with a PR6 – PR9 (free), and you’ll learn how to optimally create them for the best possible rankings boost.

Instant Indexing Of Backlinks – BacklinksIndexer

You can have as many quality backlinks as possible, but if Google can’t find them (or takes a long time to do so), they do you no good! Sure, Google will find these links eventually, but we want to rank fast so we can start earning a passive income fast.

That’s why it is important to use a backlinks indexing tool. There are quite a few different ones out there, such as Linklicious, Lindexed, etc. However, none of them work as well as the Backlinks Indexer (free trial). Backlinks Indexer makes sure the URLs you submit are indexed instantly. Yes, they are literally indexed instantly, and all you do is just copy and paste or upload a .txt with your URLs – super quick and easy. This helps in more than one way. It helps your site get ranked very fast, but it also tells you which backlinks are good and which are bad. When using this tool, I usually just submit a handful at a time, wait for them to go through, and then I check my rankings. If my rankings go down, I’ll know to either delete those links or change the anchor text, etc. This is another extremely powerful tool for SEO! It allows you to literally manipulate your rankings link by link with changes occurring within minutes. You literally decipher Google’s algorithm (for backlinks at least) as you submit each URL individually and wait for the change in ranking!

The Backlinks Indexer also builds thousands of backlinks to the URLs you submit with RSS feeds, social bookmarking, micro blogging, etc. It is 100% safe to submit the URLs of your main website (i.e. posts, pages, etc), but they recommend you mainly use it for your tier 1 backlinks.

High PR Blog Comments (Easy Trick)

OK… so you’re familiar with leaving helpful and relevant blog comments with a link to your website to get a backlink. However, I’ve got some tricks you can use to help you get high PR backlinks, .edu links, and .gov links more easily.

SEOQuake Toolbar – Check PR, Domain Age, Alexa Ranking, Etc

Firstly, I use the SEOQuake toolbar (free) because it shows the PageRank of every website I visit, but it also shows the PageRank, domain age, Alexa ranking and much more for every search result on the SERPs page in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

Now, watch how easily we can find high PR .gov sites where we can leave a link! All we do is type this in Google search (link building being our contextual search term – substitute your relevant keyword): “leave a comment” + link building

And… check out the results we get and how easily we can then find sites to leave super power backlinks:

link building strategy - high PR blog comments

You can also use any other combination in Google search. For example: “leave a reply” + SEO “post a comment” + affiliate marketing

… And so on and so forth.

If you keep finding only sites that allow comments but don’t have a website field or require you to register, etc, I’ve found another really powerful way to create backlinks Google loves.

Facebook Social Plugin – Auto-Approved Tier 2 Links (PR & .EDU/.GOV):

You’ll need to create a Facebook fan page with your keyword in the URL. Link that FB page to your main money site. Then, use the same technique as above, but instead type this (for example): “Facebook Social Plugin” + <substitute your keyword here>

There are millions of high PR websites out there that are using the Facebook Social Plugin to avoid comment spam by SEOs leaving comments with html backlinks. Sites that use the Facebook Social Plugin for comments will auto approve your comment, and you will get an anchor text backlink for your main keyword to your Facebook page. You may think, “well… that’s a tier 2 backlink”, but you’d be surprised at how incredibly powerful this type of tier 2 backlink is. Remember, Google loves Facebook pages and ranks them very easily, but this same rank juice will also pass on to your site. Whether your site or your FB page ranks for your keyword, you’re going to get targeted traffic either way (see my post on getting targeted website traffic without Google)!

So, when you are leaving a comment on a high PR site that uses the Facebook Social Plugin, make sure you change your “posting as” to the appropriate Facebook page:

Screenshot of Facebook Social Plugin

If you have anything to contribute, or you have any questions about the SEO tools here or the link building strategies, please leave a comment! Please don’t forget to use the social sharing buttons on the right!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite SEO Tools/Strategies: Quality Link Building With Efficiency

  1. I have a question, when you are adding anchor text which will link back to your facebook page and links back to your website, do you use varied anchor text or use your main keyword all of the time?


    • When you have a FB page and commenting on sites with the social plugin, your page name is always your anchor text – this should be your main keyword. There’s no choice here which is great b/c Google knows this. That makes them very powerful tier 2 back links.

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