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Hey again guys!

I just wanted to share with you something great… and something free.

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Alex Becker.

Heard of the guy?

If you’ve perused my blog before, you may have seen his name and some of the great value he provides to the world of SEO…

And completely for free.

He’s literally one of my top mentors… hell… he IS my top mentor now that teaches me how to make money online with SEO.

Becker brings to light the REAL million-dollar SEO strategies that all the other millionaire SEO’s hide.

Here’s what people are saying about him on his FB page:


So… you wanna see the latest thing he’s been cookin’ up? Yes you do… because it’s amazing:

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Let me know what you guys think in the comment below too because I like hearing about your own success!

5 thoughts on “Last SEO Strategy You’ll Ever Need!

  1. Hi Jeroen,

    Really like what you are doing on this blog. Not entirely sure how I landed on your page, but I think it was a connection through Bring The Fresh. I joined about a month ago and continue to digest as much information as possible.

    While I’ve been learning a lot, a couple things seem to bother me these days.

    1) Backlinking strategies for 2013 – is mass backlinking dead? Or just a refined art these days?

    2) Once I find a niche, I sort of get cold feet on making my website presentable. Ie, selling or promoting something well.

    PS – My favorite thing about your articles is the finding untapped keywords. Thinking outside the box!

    • Hey Robert,

      Mass backlinking isn’t what it used to be. It still works, but what’s important is getting your backlinks on the pages with PageRank. If you aren’t an SENuke XCr expert, I’d recommend searching for some fiverr gigs and sorting by rating.

      Making your sites look nice is pointless if you’re not getting traffic and does nothing for search engine rankings.

      Just use a clean WP theme, some interesting images, and authoritative YouTube videos on what your selling. Let Oprah or Dr Oz, for example, do the selling for you by embedding a relevant YouTube video.

      Hope that helps!



  2. Got another question for you. I was checking out your Bring The Fresh page. Nice job on the high Google ranking. Great results too! I see you started in the summer of 2012.

    In your opinion, is it getting harder to repeat the Bring The Fresh strategy today (Penguin, updates) than it was even in late 2012? Or have you been able to consistently rank your niches high in Google throughout this year?

    Thanks again,


    • Hey Rob,

      Penguin 2.0 is all about using long tail anchor text to make your links look natural. For example, if I wanted to rank for “Jeroen Waning”, I would link with anchors like “ – Jeroen Waning” or “Marketing With Jeroen – Jeroen Waning” etc. Think of how other webmasters would naturally link to your site.

      If you’ve had some sites get slapped b/c of Penguin 2.0, get some SENuke XCr links from Fiverr and use only long tail anchor text that is relevant. Don’t use just your keyword (or very little).

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