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  2. Hi Jeron,

    I found you via your excellent review of UAW. I am going to buy shortly via your affilate link I just have a few questions after watching ‘killer keyword research video’

    Is it ok to have a domain that has vs in it so an example is http://www.sonyplaystationvsxbox360? I have found a keyword like that which is searched 13,000 times so was going to setup a site reviewing both of the products and include an amazon affilate link to it if not both of them. After entering it on Market Samurai the top 10 appear to have 0 backlinks and it is all green so I think I may go for it.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hey David,

      Glad you liked my review :)

      If that keyword has the “vs” in it and you can get that domain – go for it!

      An exact match domain is still extremely powerful. That is literally 25% of your SEO work done right there already!

      With the Google EMD update, it just means that you have to be much more conservative with your on-page SEO for that keyword.

      Please watch the video in this post that is kind of the sequel to that killer keyword research video:


      It will explain what you need to put on your site content-wise to avoid penalties and rank on the second or third page without any backlinks.

      Hope that helps!

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