Getting Tired Of SEO, Backlinking, Article Writing, Etc? Stop Fighting 99% of SEOs…

So far in 2013, SEO has been undergoing some major changes. We’ve been facing some crazy updates from Google lately. Since Penguin 2.0 had recently begun, we’re now also facing Panda #24.

Well… don’t get discouraged! I found something that has completely changed the SEO game for me.

See, I was getting so fed up with Google rankings and SEO that I was mainly focused on other ways to get traffic.

However, I’ve discovered something I wish I would have a long time ago. Instead of fighting 99% of SEOs by doing boring and redundant backlinking, article writing, backlinking, and, oh yeah… backlinking (doesn’t it suck?), I realized there are billions of highly searched, highly lucrative keywords out there that get you a #1 spot in Google without backlinks and hardly any content!

I literally just found the keyword, bought the domain from Godaddy (.com, .net, or .org), installed WordPress, and I ranked on the first page in Google after just 2 days!

These aren’t just any old keywords…

I’ve been able to rank sites #1 for keywords that get 5K, 10K, and even 20K+ exact match searches per month for very lucrative keywords that have almost ZERO competition.

Since you were kind enough to come pay a visit to my blog, let me just share with you what I sent to my list:

20K+ exact searches per month… Rank #1 In Google 2 days after WP installation? No
Is that even possible? Yes, and it is because of the 80% Law of SEO.
Friend, I don’t recommend things I don’t profit from myself:
Stop wasting hours, days, weeks, or longer on the 20% of SEO when
80% of SEO is in highly specialized keyword research…
Stop building countless backlinks, writing dozens of posts, etc.
You can rank at the top of Google for HIGHLY searched and profitable
keywords with TERRIBLE on page SEO and NO backlinks in just
days after registering the domain!
Yes, 80% of your SEO and rankings domination can be done in just
minutes <— AND… this is actually the FUN part of SEO… NOT the
boring, tedious, redundant backlinking, article writing, forum posting,
blah, blah, blah..
I just picked this up on a whim and with skepticism… but I AM
SUPER GLAD I checked it out:
Seriously, you don’t want to miss out. It’s REALLY CHEAP because
they just want to get you into their sales funnel. But take it from me,
just get the 80% Law of SEO and skip their OTO’s and upsells, and
you’re golden :)
P.S. You ARE going to $$$ LOVE $$$ this – I DO
Find the super awesome keyword, get the domain, install WordPress, post a relevant picture and add in an affiliate link, CPA offer, or AdSense, and BOOM… you’re getting exposure to your offers with hundreds of visitors per day…

Imagine expanding on that… Imagine selling that site for $1000 EASILY after just a few days and a few minutes of work…

I couldn’t believe it, but this method is now at the top of my daily “to do” list because ultimately what makes me the most money the fastest… wins… in my book…

Let me know if you guys pick it up and whether you’re having the same success. Just leave a comment below, or leave some questions if you need help. This was so easy for me, I really think you guys will love it too.

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