Do You Have To Invest Money To Earn A Passive Income Online?

I’ve recently had a lot of folks ask me if you need to invest money to earn a passive income online.

Well… there isn’t really a simple “yes” or “no” answer to that question, but I can explain some different opportunities available and what works best.

How I Started Earning A Passive Income Online

Passive IncomeSo I probably began with trying to make money online like anyone else… I was looking for a way to earn passive income so that I could build up my online business and have more time to do the things I love.

I started with Google AdSense and enabling ads on my YouTube videos. When I saw that I was actually making some money this way, I was ecstatic!

I mean… it was just a few cents per day if I was lucky, but it was passive income nonetheless. I started to become quite motivated and looked up ways to increase this residual income stream.

I Began With Free Ways To Increase My Passive Income

After adding more and more YouTube videos, I started seeing that I didn’t really know what I was doing… because my AdSense revenue didn’t seem to increase very much.

I watched other YouTube videos about how to make money online, but I was just overwhelmed with the spams and scams… However, I did find some useful videos.

I learned about setting up a Blogger blog ( because it was free. It also made it really easy to integrate AdSense ads with just one click. The cool thing about Blogger blogs is that you start to get traffic pretty fast even if you don’t rank in Google.

Blogger blogs also seem to rank pretty fast in Google. Why? Well… for the same reason that YouTube videos rank really fast and high in Google… YouTube and Blogger are owned by Google! ¬†Google claims to be unbiased with their organic (free) search engine results, but if you still believe that, you may want to want to open your eyes a bit further. The internet marketing industry is a cut-throat realm, and there is absolutely no such thing as “unbiased” (just search for any product review and you’ll see what I mean).

Does that mean I am biased? Heck yeah… Do you really think I blog, do SEO, build sites, and make YouTube videos for fun? I wish I had that much free time on my hands…

However, I’ve learned that you can make a lot more money online by providing people with the truth and just by being honest… You know? I mean so many people try to cheat and steal there way to riches these days not realizing that that road is much more difficult and filled with paranoia and frustration than just doing it legitimately…

Affiliate Marketing vs. AdSense

After learning about affiliate marketing with ClickBank and Amazon (and then all the other affiliate networks), I decided that AdSense was a crappy way to earn a passive income.

Promoting affiliate products online is definitely one of the best ways to make a significant passive income, especially when you sell information products. Info products (e-books, software, membership sites, etc) bring in HUGE commissions because there is no per-unit cost or shipping cost for the vendor like with tangible products. That’s why ClickBank products make you about 50-75% commission while Amazon products earn you about 3-10% (I believe it’s somewhere in there).

So I began to create Blogger blogs about topics I was interested, and I would incorporate relevant affiliate products into my posts and recommend them to my readers. After about 3 months, I had finally made a sale! Wow, $30 in ClickBank!

Yeah… that ain’t exactly a great opportunity for passive income… or was it?

I guess I just wasn’t quite doing it right… I mean, it just seems like there are so many technical details to making money online, and even if you get only one out of a hundred wrong… you ain’t making jack!

What Was The Missing Piece To My Online Income?

That’s when I finally got over my stubborn self and decided it was time to invest into something that would teach me how to make money online and earn a passive income.

the missing pieceI guess I got really lucky because I signed up with Bring The Fresh (read the details here), and it ended up not being a scam at all! It was the first thing that I bought, and it ended up being the only thing I ever needed!

I had been hearing about so many people that just kept getting ripped off by product after product. It seemed like nearly all internet marketing product vendors out there were just out to get your money and then run for the hills… I guess I got pretty lucky then.

Did I Have To Buy Anything Else?

So when I recommended Bring The Fresh to my friends, they always asked me, “Do we have to buy anything else?”

That is a great question because I know with a lot of products out there, they just offer a product for a low price, and then they keep making you buy other crap in order for it to “work”.

With Bring The Fresh, you don’t have to buy anything else except for the basic necessities.

These basic necessities I’m talking about are web hosting and domain names. They are what you need to make the websites that earn you passive income, but all that is explained inside Bring The Fresh. Those are just fundamental things you need to make money online because you are building little online businesses that earn you affiliate commissions while you sleep or build your next one.

Are You Making A Passive Income Online?

Please leave a comment below! Let me know if you are making money online or not. If not, maybe I can help, but you do need to take action! Remember… you don’t get rich just by dreaming about it… you have to do something about it. If you have been making money online successfully, please just give us a brief description of what has worked for you in the comments! Also, please don’t forget to use my sharing buttons on the right. Thanks guys!

34 thoughts on “Do You Have To Invest Money To Earn A Passive Income Online?

  1. Hi Jeroen,

    You may not know who I am but I’d just like to thank you for helping me get started with Internet Marketing. Your e-book taught me what I needed to know to begin taking the first few steps and I actually bought most of the products you recommended and they are working wonders for me. :)

    Just thought I should drop by and say hi, maybe we can connect with each other sometimes? Do drop by my blog and leave a comment or two, I’d really appreciate it if you do!

    Ardiv Jauhari

    • Hey Ardiv,

      That’s awesome to hear man! I’m glad you stopped by to share you progress with me. It’s always great to hear that other people are having great success with the things I share :) I will stop by your blog and check it out now.



      • Thanks for dropping by Jeroen! How is your progress so far? I’m making great progress these past few weeks but none of these would have happened without your e-book you know :)

        I’m still subscribed to your aweber list so you can check my name and how long have I been subscribed (I think it was 2 months ago) and you really did help me speed up the learning curve!

        Can you add me on facebook? Maybe we can share some of the latest tip and strategies there? :)

  2. What are the chances, I was looking for information about UAW because I am trying to get backlinks to my site, but I am having problems. So I thought I would look at the Bring the Fresh modules which explains UAW. I went to youtube to find information about how to use it, because I don’t yet have any money to buy it, and then I found your video and was directed here, then read your post and was astounded that you were also from Bring the Fresh!

    Bring the Fresh was the 2nd internet marketing product that I bought into, the first was Internet Marketing Alchemy by Peter Parks, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of his guide and was lost and gave up IM. That’s when I bought into Bring the Fresh in July 2012 I think.

    The only success online I’ve had so far is by monetizing my Youtube videos this month, made about $40 so far with it, which is awesome, but not seeing anything with my site, I can’t even get it in Googles rankings, would you care to take a look?

    I think your information on this site is very helpful, I will be reading the rest of the articles you have posted on here. Thanks

    • Hey Tristan,

      YouTube is an AMAZING way of making money (faster than ranking sites in Google). However, you shouldn’t just rely on AdSense.

      You need to promote affiliate products in your description.

      Check out my example review video of BTF and you’ll see what I mean

      (look at how I am selling their product with my ClickBank affiliate link – it’s cloaked):

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog posts! May I save you some time and tell you which ones will be REALLY

      helpful to you right now?

      Check out this one first to learn how to make money with YouTube videos:

      Then check out this one to learn more about ranking in Google REALLY fast without content or tons of backlinks:

      You’re on the right path brother! Making money online takes time, effort, and true dedication (and a little spending money).

      You’re definitely ahead of the 98% that fail and never ever succeed. Just keep chippin’ away at the ol’ block, and you’ll get it :)



    • Also, let me know the site you’re talking about.

      And, yes, Bring The Fresh is awesome. There are thousands of us, so you’re bound to run into a few here and there.

        • Hey Tristan,

          Your site looks really nice, and since you have an EMD (exact match domain), it should rank at the bottom of page 2 or top of page 3 at least even without any backlinks.

          The problem unfortunately is (my best guess) that you put way too many affiliate ads on the site when it was too young.

          You should ALWAYS wait to put up affiliate ads until after you’ve ranked on page 1 and are actually getting traffic. You want to wait a week or two after you’ve ranked on page 1.

          The sad part is that your site was now flagged by GoogleBot and it took a penalty hit :(

          It never helps to have affiliate offers on a site when it has no traffic anyways, and Google won’t penalize you if you’re patient enough to wait until you rank.

          This makes it look more natural as if you aren’t solely creating the site to make money but that you actually care about the subject matter.

          Then, when you see that people are actually coming to your site, you say “hey… I should be able to make money from this!”

          Anyways bud, you live and learn.

          My advice… start a new one… It sucks, but that is honestly your best option (unless I was wrong of course).

          You can try to build some links to it, but I’m afraid there’s a very good chance you’ll be wasting your time.

          It’s penalized, and I’m not sure how long those penalties last. I haven’t had a single site recover from one of those yet.

          • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news bro :(

            You may want to get some other opinions from the BTF forum.

            Honestly though… just move on and don’t add any ads until well after you rank! Heck… you don’t even need content before you rank!

            This video will change your life (or at least, it did for me):

          • Awww man that sucks lol, I will a little background info, I built the site in July 2012 and put an article on it, and it did rank on the first page number 2 spot within a week, so I left it for a month because I thought it was probably dancing to achieve that rank. However I ended up leaving it for more than a month, until this month of February actually, I added content and interlinked, and then added the affiliate links, I have only done about 3 backlinks which are not yet indexed. What do you think? You think it’s still penalized or something else that could be causing it, such as not being indexed fully by Google yet? Can you ask Google if you have been penalized at all?


          • It’s definitely indexed by Google. Just search for this “” and you’ll see what pages are indexed. The only way to get in touch with Google is to hop on the webmaster forum and post your issue there. If one of the higher level forum members finds your issue to be substantial enough they have the option to escalate it to a Google representative. I wouldn’t think it’s worth your time.

            If you have another hosting account, you can transfer the domain over (as if it were sold) and then put your content back up without the affiliate links. Then, just build a few really high quality links (avoid all PR 0/PR n/a) to it and just wait and see.

  3. Cool thanks for your help, I do have another site which I made a few years back which was penalized by Google and was nowhere to be seen because of the backlinking strategy that I used (a lot of fiverr links) and I have since removed them and have noticed that the site is beginning to come back in the rankings I think, would you mind taking a look?


  4. Hey Jeroen,
    I submitted a submission request to Google through the webmaster tools 3 days ago after changing the content on the site a bit, by removing the affiliate links from the home page and replacing it with much more useful content. 3 days later and the site is now ranking on page 16 for my keyword, I’m going to start adding some backlinks manually to see if I can up its ranking.

    • Hey Tristan,
      That’s awesome bud! Is that the first site I looked at? How did you submit the request? Through the Google Webmaster forum? Now you need to be careful with what links you build. You really don’t need many at all! It’s about quality not quantity (and yes, there is a HUGE difference). You only need 3 x PR5 homepage links on sites with a really nice Majestic SEO profile. Look for sites that have a trust flow of 20+, citation flow of 20+, referring domains of 100+, and backlinks of 10,000+. Here’s an awesome video about how to obtain them: Use versions of your anchor text for all 3 but then be sure to build about 5-10 other backlinks with completely different anchor text (profiles, articles, comments, web 2.0, etc).
      Good luck,

      • Hey,
        Yeah it’s the first site I shared with you, I went through webmaster tools help, and referred to the reconsideration request form, which was under webmaster guidelines general tab, it is right at the bottom of the page.

        I just watched the video you mentioned, and tried to look for sites myself, but I am completely lost, as the competitors that I can find are mega companies, which get their links from mega companies also, so I really don’t know where to look, plus I want to be able to get the links for free, as I can’t afford to pay anything out for them at the moment.

        I know how to do the other bit though, the 5-10 backlinks with profiles, articles, comments, web 2.0 etc. But the other part absolutely no idea, got any further advice on that?

        • Do the sites I get links from have to be related to my niche?

          You have given me an email, address, 1)am I supposed to ask him for 2 links, and he goes and finds them?
          2)Will they be related to my niche? 3)When should I expect to see a benefit?
          4)Is it certain to see a benefit?
          5)How do I pay for them?
          6)If I build lots of sites, should I buy links for them all?
          7)Won’t it end up not being cost effective?

          Sorry for all of these questions, but as I am new, I don’t just want to jump in and guess. I really appreciate the help you are already giving me.


    • That’s a pretty killer link man. Yeah ahrefs, opensiteexplorer, and majestic seo can take 45-60 days to index/update pages. Google is WAAAAY faster (even though it may not reflect in you GWT account yet).

      They just linked to you naturally or you bought this? If you paid for it, ask them to change the anchor.

      • Thanks, I contacted the site owner myself and just asked for a link to be put on their site because I thought that both of our sites were a valuable resource to each other, and that our sites were relevant to each other. I also added a banner advertising their site on my site, and they replied and said it was great and they would add a backlink straight away.

        Although that link was posted on Feb 14 and I have not seen any benefit from it yet, or maybe I have? my site is on page 16 second from top.


        • Two-way links are never as powerful as one-way links. Ask him if you can link out to another one of his sites while he leaves the link to your site the same.

  5. Did you remove that comment which had the email address? I was going to use it lol, Decided to buy a link or 2 to see if it will rank me, to see if I can make profit in the niche.

    If you don’t want to share it on here, I have sent you a friend request on facebook. :)

  6. Hi Jeroen
    I’m at my wits end and just spent my last $1 on access to yet another information overload system!

    I have 10 websites and currently only one is making any money – and not very much at that.

    The site making money is a very specific site and targeted at a very small (and not very profitable – for me anyway) niche. It is

    However, my other sites are targeted at the Health and Fitness niche and the Internet Marketing niche.

    I have spent loadsa cash, to the point of breaking the bank just to try and get my other sites to make even $1 dollar!! All to no avail.

    I have been trying to earn my living online since 2008 but am getting nowhere, although I have followed all the guru tips and tricks (except for YouTube – I currently only have one video running because I spend so much time re-vamping and re-adjusting my sites that I end up too confused and tired to even think about videos).

    I’m no slacker, I spend 18 hours a day at my computer and very often don’t even go to bed! But still my remaining sites are not profitable.

    I was hoping you might take a look at them and maybe give me some pointers as to where I’m going wrong? I do seem to have trouble driving quality traffic to these sites.

    The sites are: (although this is really an information site and doesn’t advertise anything just now)

    I write all of my own content and also sell articles on and have a couple of published articles on but this is only for pin money and won’t pay the rent anytime soon.

    I would really appreciate you taking a look for me and perhaps giving me some advice on how to market these sites properly and make all my time and effort worth it.

    Thank you for any help you can give me!

    Best wishes

    • Hey Caroline,

      I just sent you an email.

      I’m still going through your sites.

      Let’s see what we can do.



  7. Hi Jeroen,
    Your blog is excellent! Thanks for the advice.

    I am thinking of subscribing to
    You are listed there under the testimonials, but it looks to me like your comment actually relates to a fiverr gig.
    Can you please tell me if you do rate SEOGladiators service, or if maybe there are some fiverr gigs by Marty Ware (or others) that offer better value?

    Many thanks,

    • Hey Mike,

      Just checked out that site. Yeah that is a feedback on one of his YouTube Fiverr gigs.

      SEO Gladiator looks cool, but it seems they are using SENuke XCr.

      You can find SENuke XCr gigs on fiverr (just search then sort by rating).

      Pick the one with the best rating and one that has a lot of orders in queue (like 50+).

      The ones with the Full Monty Template are the best, but you usually have to order their gig extra (which is very worth it).

      Then… it’s all up to you as far as what keywords you choose and how well you diversify them (for the order details).

      That should save you a lot of money.

      Heck.. worst case scenario, you buy SENuke XCr for $147/mo. for unlimited link building for unlimited URLs and keywords.

      On the other hand, Marty Ware is definitely a stand up guy. I’ve always been really happy with his Fiverr gigs, but

      I’ve only ordered his YouTube gigs.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best regards,


  8. Hi Jeroen,
    Thanks very much for the advice.
    One thing that still tempts me toward SEOGladiators is the “done-for-you” link pyramid structure diversifying between what is claimed to be high PR web 2.0 blogs and various other link sourcesL twitter, Youtube videos, pdfs, etc etc. It all adds up to be a well co-ordinated structure.

    Money is not in plentiful supply I must say. So can I achieve quality and structure with fiverr gigs do you think?

    Your thought would be gratefully received.

    Best regards,

      • Yeah Mike, it’s not a problem buddy.

        Let me know if you still go with that SEO Gladiator and how you like it.

        They’re obviously using SENuke XCr, Ultimate Demon, and/or Scrapebox. However… they might give each campaign a bit more care than a standard Fiverr gig.

        The thing is… those Fiverr gigs are still working just fine and they’ll be safe for quite a while.

        If you are looking for the ultimate super safe backlinking strategy though… You’d be wise to check this out:

        As well as the rest of the source-wave site.


        Jeroen ;)

  9. Hey Jeroen!

    I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on, the site which was penalized is now in 2nd position for my keyword.

    It has been ranking in the top 6 for about a month, and keeps gradually increasing, edging ever closer to number 1!

    I built a Facebook page, with the keyword as the name of it, and commented lots of different high PR blogs a couple of times a week. This resulted in my Facebook page skyrocketing to the first page. I also bought a few page likes to bolster it.

    Other than that, I did maybe 10 high PR blog comments on WordPress, that is about it. I have been thinking of writing a few articles for ezinearticles and then sending some backlinks to them to be able to achieve number 1 above Amazon itself.

    However, it all sounds great, but I haven’t made any money from the site whatsoever yet lol, I know it’s not a very profitable niche anyway, but it would be nice to make a single sale on it.



    • Hey congrats Tristan!

      Yeah, it’s a keyword that may not be the most profitable, but nevertheless whatever money it does bring will be a passive income.

      The best part is, you now actually have some results and you know that what you are learning is actually working :)

      I’d say apply this knowledge to a new site in a better niche while you just let the other site sit.

      Your site will probably jump up into the top 3 (maybe even number 1) after a few more weeks of doing nothing now.

      Give Google a chance to find all of your links and let your site age a bit and you’ll see your ranking increase.

      Great work!


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