1 Hour Traffic To Passive Income Formula

Hey again guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve had a lot of awesome stuff going on. Firstly, I’d like to share a video I made that I think will really help a lot of newbies out there that haven’t made their first sale yet.

Getting traffic is usually the big brick wall standing in the way of getting that initial payday, no? Sure, conversions is a big part of the equation too, and I touch on that as well. I wanted to share the exact formula I use to get traffic in as little as 1 hour. Yes, it is very targeted traffic. It works just like ranking in Google search for major keywords, and we take advantage of that as well, but… we start out with a technique that gets you traffic MUCH faster.

OK… just watch the whole video (46 minutes), but you can ignore the Internet Sales Machine review part and the sales pitch. You’ll be really impressed at how this technique is so simple, and you can implement it right away with great success. And… you don’t have to buy anything… I mean, it helps to have a hosting account and domain name, but you don’t need it… You can do all of this with free blogs (Squidoo.com, WordPress.com, Blogger.com, or whatevs).

Let’s check out my strategy (it’s so simple, but it works!):

UPDATE/NOTE: Never add you affiliate offers before you’re getting traffic (it doesn’t help any ways). If you put up a bunch of affiliate ads on a brand new site before you rank on page 1, Google will know you’re strictly making your website for money. They want to see that you are an authority on the subject matter – not just another spammer looking to make a quick buck. You will get slapped with a penalty from which your site will highly likely never recover (in my experience). Google doesn’t care if you make money, but they want to see you work for it first by providing value.

So how can you start to convert that traffic right away? Put the affiliate offers in your video description and on your FB page right away. That doesn’t hurt a thing! That’s how you’re going to get traffic within 1 hour AND sales within the week (if you’re doing it right). Remember, it’s all in what products you pick and how well you follow the instructions in the video above (particularly keyword research and pre-selling).

OK… Once you get passed the fact that this is a launch jacking review video, you begin to see how incredible effective this method for getting your first affiliate sale is. And of course this isn’t just for your first affiliate sale, but once you get the first one, you’ll know exactly what to do over and over again.

Remember the importance of having a domain name with your keyword in it. If you can get an exact match domain, then that will make it perfect. It will also make it extremely easy to rank on page one in Google for that keyword (even without any back links sometimes), or at worst page 2. However, if you cannot find an exact match, just find the closest thing possible because this will still work wonders when ranking in the YouTube search engine. As an example, let’s say you want to rank for the keyword “whoopsy daisy” or whatever… If whoopsydaisy.com, whoopsydaisy.net, or whoopsydaisy.org aren’t available, you still have options to rank in YouTube just as easily and in Google with a little bit of extra link building. What I do is, I go for plural things (or singular if the keyword is already plural). You can check whoopsydaisies.com, and you’ll be surprised at what will be available (or .net or .org).

Note that the top three sites for traffic are (in order of Alexa rank):

  • Google.com
  • Facebook.com
  • YouTube.com

We start with setting up a basic blog or site where we offer an affiliate product. However, we don’t go for the Google traffic right away like most people do because this will come naturally over time anyways. Google takes time to rank and index sites and thus provide you with targeted traffic.

We start by getting traffic from YouTube within the first hour for your targeted keyword. That is why it is important to embed your YouTube video on the domain with your keyword in it (preferable an EMD) and also on your Facebook page with your keyword in the URL (i.e. facebook.com/keyword).

Don’t forget about using Vagex.com, Fiverr.com, and all the other tools mentioned in the video to give you the total unfair advantage. Vagex helps you get a ton of YouTube views and shares right away, and I’ve even made many affiliate sales from this cold (non-targeted) traffic. Once YouTube sees your video is watched, liked, subbed, favorite’d, etc, you’ll shoot up the YouTube rankings and start receiving warm traffic.

Let me reiterate one super important factor in this formula for success: embed your video on your website (EMD domain or close) and on your Facebook page!

Guess what? You’ll also be getting targeted traffic from Facebook search! Yes, Facebook has a built-in search function that hundreds of millions of people use. If you have a Facebook page with your keyword in your URL, title, etc, you will rank very easily in the Facebook search, but also… Facebook pages rank very easily in Google search! Facebook.com has a PR10 and your fan pages will get some of that PageRank juice! Use Fiverr.com to get likes and comments to help boost your page up the SERPs, etc. Embed your YouTube video on that Facebook page with the keyword in the URL! If you have your video embedded on an EMD website (with enough content and decent on-page SEO) and embedded on your Facebook page with your exact keyword in the URL, you have an EXTREMELY high chance of your video ranking high on the first page in Google. Remember, Google owns YouTube. For an extra boost, create a Blogger blog with your keyword in the URL and title, etc and embed the video there. Google owns Blogger too!

Now, you have also built awesomely powerful back links to your site! Make sure you link from your YouTube video description to your site or one of the inner pages. What I do is I use the ¬†free “redirection” WordPress plugin to create super simple redirects to my affiliate links. When you put that redirect link in your YouTube video description (at the top of course), you get some YouTube link juice passed on to your site as well because your site’s page is redirecting to your affiliate link.

You are also getting links from your Facebook page. Setting up Facebook fan pages is EXTREMELY simple. Don’t be intimidated by any of this stuff. Just take it all one step at a time. Don’t forget to provide your website/redirected affiliate link in your FB page’s about section, or in some of the posts. Create a “money post” with your affiliate link and “pin to top”.

Voila! Super simple traffic technique, right? If you want to see whether you are actually getting hops to your affiliate link, just go the the “redirection” plugin under “plugin” in your WP dashboard and you’ll see how many clicks you’re getting. Or, if you are using ClickBank to promote products, just go to the “reporting” tab after you click on one of your trend bars next to the dates (that probably now has a $0.00 next to it).

Good luck! Please comment for help :)

7 thoughts on “1 Hour Traffic To Passive Income Formula

  1. Nice tutorial Jeroen! Hopefully it’ll help a lot of new comers make their first sale.

    The only addition I would make is that the hop count on the ‘redirection’ wordpress plugin can be misleading. It is the total amount of times the link has been accessed in any form, which includes search crawlers. Depending on how often your link is crawled (on various places across the web) this will make up a large/smaller proportion of your hop statistics.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Pete,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I generally go by the hop count in the ClickBank, ClickSure, Amazon, JVZoo etc analytics, but some affiliate programs don’t really have the capability for tracking hops.

      If you set your affiliate link to “nofollow” (which you should always do), I would think the web crawlers would go through it less, and the redirection plugin should give you a rough approximation of real visitor clicks.

      • Hey Jeroen, sorry not stopped by in a little while. I never thought to nofollow my affiliate links! That’s a great tip to reduce spider crawling and stopping any indirect penalties being applied.

        Thanks again, Pete.

          • It’s fantastic thanks Jeoren. Been here three days now and loving it. Went scuba diving for the first time today!

            Like you predicted internet marketing has taken a back seat whilst I’m on holiday. Too much fun to be had haha.

            Hope things are going good with you back home?

          • Pete!

            That’s great to hear bud! I miss scuba diving. Last time I went, I was 15 I believe. I’m quite jealous of your vacation hahah! Things are moving along… up and down, here and there… You know the drill. The great part is, I’ve got a lot of new plans and strategies and seeing some preliminary results that can pan out big! When I refine and simplify them, I’ll be sure to pass them along. Enjoy the rest of your trip!



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